Claims Substantiation Tests
From prior research, a major frozen food manufacturer believed that three of their frozen food products had the potential to be significantly preferred to competition on several attributes, including taste and texture. 

Farrand Research designed and implemented a research study that followed all of the accepted practices for product claims research according to the Standard Guide for Sensory Claims Substantiation. A paired-comparison central location product test was conducted in order to gain consumer evaluations of three reformulated client company products, along with products from the major competitor.

One of the food products targeted both children and adults, so we made sure both groups tested it.  The other two products were tested among adults age 18 to 59 only.  A total of 1200 in-person interviews were conducted at central locations in six geographically dispersed markets representing each United States Census Region. 

Based on results of this study, the client was able to make a claim in advertising that would stand up to legal challenge.

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