Label Testing
Before a bottled juice company was ready to unveil their new energy juice drink, they wanted to make sure they had covered all of their bases. Namely, that the label on the container clearly stated what the new product was, and also to make sure it was easily recognizable when placed on store shelves next to the competition. 

So after their design company developed several alternative label designs, the company chose three for consumer testing. That’s when we conducted a “mock store shelf’ study in which consumers chosen for being energy juice drinkers were recruited and screened in shopping malls. These qualified consumers were brought in to view one of three mock shelf sets that contained the client’s juice product along with five competitive products. The shelves were set up as they would be in a grocery store and the placement of the test bottles was moved around during the study to eliminate any bias based on their position.

While viewing the shelf, respondents were asked which juice they noticed first, and which they would buy, as well as specific questions about the test label. Preference between all three-test bottles and labels was also obtained at the end of the interview.

In doing so, we were able to pinpoint the one label that stood out more than the others on the shelf. And because it tested so well, the product was successfully introduced using this label.

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