Packaging Testing
In order to significantly reduce the cost of production, a large consumer packaged food manufacturer developed alternative packaging for one of their snack products. But prior to switching to the new packaging, they wanted to evaluate consumer acceptance to be sure that their customer base would continue to buy the product at the current rate - or even higher. Considering the packaging was involved in product preparation (and with issues of how easily the product could be removed over a period of time) we decided a home-use test should be conducted.

Consumers were approached and screened in shopping malls, and those who qualified as eaters of this particular snack product  (and agreed to participate in the study) were given three packages of the new and current product and were asked to use them in a specified order over the next week. A total of 300 evaluations were obtained, and based on our results, Farrand Research was able to recommend that the new package be introduced (since consumers had no problem with it and rated it at parity with the current package). The company switched to the new packaging and subsequently, this product has increased their profit margin.

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