Product Tests—Food
Periodically, a fast food chain will offer new items on their menu. So prior to choosing what item to offer and the actual combination of ingredients to include, we were asked to test alternative formulations to determine the optimum combination of ingredients.

First, we conducted a concept study to determine which of many possible items consumers were most interested in purchasing at their local fast food restaurant. After this was determined, the fast food chain Research & Development team developed several alternative ingredient combinations. And an in-house screening we conducted reduced these to a manageable number to test.

Next, we recruited a total of 800 consumers to come in to a central location kitchen facility with an adjacent interviewing room. Thirty consumers were then asked to come to the facility every 30 minutes from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM for four consecutive days. Each consumer tasted two products – the test product and a control. Of the four test products evaluated one was clearly preferred and performed well on all taste attributes and we were then able to highly recommended it for introduction.

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