Tracking Studies
These days, it makes a lot of monetary sense to test a new advertising campaign prior to launching it. And that’s just what a large consumer food manufacturer did with our help. Having developed a new advertising campaign that included radio, TV, in-store displays and coupon inserts in local newspapers, the manufacturer wanted to test the campaigns effectiveness in increasing brand awareness, purchase intent and positive attitude toward the brand.

Three markets were chosen as test markets where all elements of the campaign were put into place.  These three Markets were matched to three control markets where no advertising was present for this food manufacturer. Markets were matched on the client manufacturers sales as well as competitive brand sales. A total of 900 telephone interviews were conducted (450 in the test markets and 450 in the control markets) prior to the start of any advertising.

The advertising campaign ran for three months. At the end of the three months, another 900 interviews were conducted to measure any difference from the pre and post waves in the test and control markets. While brand awareness remained stable, ad awareness decreased in the control markets. Both brand and ad awareness, as well as consumer perceptions of the brand experienced significant increases in the test markets. Based on results of this study the manufacturer rolled out the ad campaign nationally resulting in significant sales increases.

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